A Tool for Active Learning

Side Study allows teachers to make their own custom, interactive assignments that allow students to actively learn—by doing and thinking.

Expensive publisher assignment platforms are no longer needed. Side Study can do it all at near zero cost and has incredible features like peer review, embedded videos, detailed reports, and automatic grading!


What is Side Study?

It’s a completely unique and more effective way to give assignments. Side Study was created to eliminate the  difficulties of currently available assignment methods—for both students and teachers.

  • Would you like to go beyond multiple choice and give assignments that require reflection, creativity, and critical thinking, but don’t have the time to grade and give feedback on all the unique answers?
  • Do you spend time teaching a topic and giving clear directions, but find that students are completely lost when they complete an assignment to practice their learning? 
  • Do you want to flip your class to allow for more active learning in the classroom, but don’t have the time and resources to create videos? 
  • Are your current assignments just further highlighting the difference between students who can and students who can’t instead of bring everyone to mastery?
  • Do you want to try open content, but are just sticking with publishers because of their assignment platforms?

Side Study was designed to solve all these problems. Teachers can create assignments and activities that will lead students through a personal and natural learning process. Students feel supported and are never lost. 

Side Study Features


Every interaction students complete in Side Study is captured in detailed reports for the teacher. You can see incredible detail about where each student and the class struggled including questions they can send you while completing their assignment. Side Study tracks how students revised their answers, so you can actually see evidence of the learning process (not just the final result). From the reports, the teacher can also easily send feedback and grade assignments.

Peer Review

The defining feature of Side Study is peer review. It exists nowhere else. Teachers can turn on or off peer review and allow students (after they give a first answer) to anonymously view classmate answers to the same question, rate the answers, and send classmates helpful feedback. Students can see the feedback given to them and revise their original answers based on the feedback. All of the ratings and feedback are shown in the teacher report and allow you to see if students engaged in peer review, how much, and how the ratings on their answers changed as they continued to revise and improve!

The best part for the teacher is that peer review ratings and engagement can be used for the assignment grade! Teachers also don’t have to worry about students copying each other’s answers during peer review for two reasons. First, copying and pasting is disabled when students see classmate answers. Second, the rating and feedback cycle is uniquely designed to highlight students who may have given junk original answers just to see classmates answers.

Guide on the Side, Video Playlist, and Flash Cards

Every question in a Side Study assignment is tagged with a “Guide on the Side” written by the teacher. It’s extra information, guidance, and resources to help students answer the question. Students don’t always know what the teacher wants, how to organize their answers, or look for help. The Guide on the Side is like the teacher sitting right next to them while they complete the assignment.

YouTube videos can be embedded directly in your assignments! Students can watch and listen to the videos while they answer questions. This feature was made for flipped classrooms, but it’s just another way students are supported with guidance and resources while they work.

Every answer a student gives is turned into a flash card. Students can pull up the flash card feature at any time to practice. They first see the question on the front and can then flip the card to see their very own answer!

Side Study Cost

Free open source content, including textbooks and videos, can be put directly into Side Study assignments to create custom interactive learning experiences for your students.

Imagine how much money can be saved by using Side Study instead of publisher assignment platforms and textbooks (which can’t even offer these features)! Take college students, for example. Let’s say a professor has 500 students each year who all purchase a textbook and access to the associated assignment platform for $100. That class is costing students $50,000 each year!

With Side Study, students pay nothing. A teacher (or their school), no matter how many students they have, pays just $10. That’s not per student! It’s just a flat teacher subscription. That’s it. In addition, teachers have a 30-day free trial period to deliver as many assignments as they want in order to learn if Side Study is right for their students. Watch the detailed intro video below to see even more or jump to the webpage to get Side Study!


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